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Tableau Desktop is very popular for data visualization. It has a huge demand currently where data that can be presented for better decision-making in an organization.

Week 1 | Session 1 & 2

  • Introduction with students and then to analytics and different BI tools and why Tableau.
  • Also prepping the system of students like installing software needed and getting ready etc. (4 Hours)

Week 2 | Session 3 & 4

  • Connecting and prepping with data and getting familiar with UI of Tableau products majorly focusing on Tableau Desktop and how to connect it with different sources like Excel etc with a touch upon how it is being used in industry. (4 Hours)

Week 3 | Session 5 & 6

  • Getting started with Tableau- Covering core concepts of Tableau like
  • Dimension vs Measures, Discrete vs. Continuous, Aggregation in Tableau, Extract vs Live functionality, etc.
  • It will be taught via practical examples and a PPT. (4 Hours)

Week 4 | Session 7 & 8

  • Now that we are familiar with Tableau core concepts, let’s hop into making different types of charts, which chart is made when, use cases, tableau inbuilt charts like bar charts, stack bar charts, line charts, dual axis charts, etc, and some out of the box charts which are not directly supported in Tableau. Touch base upon Maps in Tableau as well (4 Hours)

Week 5 | Session 9 & 10

  • Metadata, data types in Tableau, joins, blends, file types of Tableau Desktop, calculations, basically the data source field of Tableau (4 Hours)

Week 6 | Session 11 & 12

  • Filters in Tableau, LODs. date calculations, aggregation functions, date functions, etc. This will be the technical part of Tableau, where making calculations will be covered according to the business requirements. (4 Hours)

Week 7 | Session 13 & 14

  • This will be the continuation of calculations and also the Sets, Parameters, and Analytics pane-like reference line, the constant line will be covered, and also we will start making the dashboard out of sheets that we have used. Dashboarding tricks, formatting, and best practices will be covered in this session, and also a recap of everything that we covered previously. (4 Hours)

Week 8 | Session 15 & 16

  • Continuation of dashboard-like layout, how to place the sheets, implementing interactivity by actions in Tableau.
  • The storyboard will also be covered here and it will mark the end of the course.
  • A fully-fledged Tableau Dashboard will be covered here. Focus on Tableau Public profile building as well and the importance of it while going out in the industry for jobs.

What is next? 

Call us at 403-207-0273 and discuss your profile before we register you for the course. Or fill up the form at the Contact page and we can return to your inquiry.

How to pay the fees?

  • If you are an individual, you can click the pay/buy button and that will lead you to the PayPal page where you can pay by credit/debit card or you can pay by email transfer to ‘’ or by cheque naming ‘Institute of IT Training Inc’
  • If you are an employee of a company and would like to pay from your company account or Credit Card, please let us know. We can create an invoice with a link to pay online
  • If you are an HR or Admin from the company and would like to pay fees from ‘Corporate Credit Card’, we can assist you over the phone

What is the target audience?

  • Recent graudates, MBA/MCA/BCA/Diploma holders
  • Past experienced from back home
  • New Canadians
  • Working in retail/banking/sales/marketing/HR/accounting/technician jobs
  • Looking to change career from non-technical background
  • Long career gaps
  • Currently on maternity leave or on EI
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Congratulations to Heena, Sayana, and Sampat for the new job as QA Analyst

— 18 January 2024

The team of IOFIT and all the students congratulated the success of these 3 students at the beginning of 2024.


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Duration 3 months
Video 3 hours
Level Beginner


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