ECBA-CCBA Certification

Benefits:• Live Virtual Workshops• Instructor Led• Weekly assignments/homework• 24 IIBA PD Hours (Use these hours towards ECBA/CCBA application or as CDU’s)• Review of Cert...

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Business Analysis and Product Management


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Course Requirements


•BABOK V3 (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)

PDU/CDU’s: 24


ECBA-CCBA Certification Training Schedule:

July 16th, 2022

Course Description


• Live Virtual Workshops
• Instructor Led
• Weekly assignments/homework
• 24 IIBA PD Hours (Use these hours towards ECBA/CCBA application or as CDU’s)
• Review of Certification Application Requirement, Tips, and Process
• Review of Exam Requirements, Tips, strategies and Process • Exam Prep Plan
• Live Virtual Workshops
• BABOK V3 Study Guide
• In-Depth understanding of BABOK Knowledge Areas
• BABOK Study Strategies
• Learning Techniques
• Case Studies
• Business Analysis Templates
• Practice Questions and Mock Exam

Course Outcomes

Understanding of BABOK V3
• Learning of Business Analysis Fundamentals
• Get Answers to your Questions
• PDU (Professional Development Hours)
• Understanding of Application Requirements and Process
• Understanding of Application Tips
• Exam Requirements and Process
• Time Management strategies during Exam
• Understanding of Business Analysis Techniques
• Case Studies
• Practice of Exam Questions

Course Self Paced

1 Program overview and introductions

2 Review Application process and Requirements

3 Review Exam Process, Strategy and Requirements

4 Study Strategies and Exam Practice Tips

5 Introduction to Business Analysis

6 Business Analysis Key Concepts

7 Practice some exam questions

8 Test your knowledge

1 Introduction to Knowledge Area

2 Business Analysis Approach

3 Stakeholder Engagement

4 Business Analysis Information Management and Governance

5 Business Analysis Performance Improvements

6 Tools and techniques used in the knowledge area

7 Practice some exam questions related to knowledge area

1 Introduction to Knowledge Area

2 Prepare and conduct an elicitation