1:1 QA Advanced with Automation Training

QA Advanced – 1:1 personal training is an opportunity for an individual who can learn entire course without leaving the current job. This training is introduced to any one who is willing to learn on t...

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Software Quality Assurance Advanced with Selenium Automation

Course Description

QA Advanced – 1:1 personal training is an opportunity for an individual who can learn entire course without leaving the current job. This training is introduced to any one who is willing to learn on their convenient time and faster than the usual classroom learnings. You will have an opportunity to talk to the coach on daily/weekly basis for any questions/concerns, with personal sessions and customized project videos to complete the entire training. You can complete this training from any city or town from North America, Europe, Asia or Australia.

You can study at your own convenient time and quicker with our daily/weekly help. Our Advanced Level Software Quality Assurance Course will teach you the knowledge and understanding fundamentals of Quality Assurance and Manual + Automation + API + SQL software testing needed to start a career as an Intermediate QA Analyst. You will be provided materials, personal sessions, live recorded videos, and project assignment folders to complete the training on your convenient times. You may have questions or want to speak to the trainers where we will assign dedicated time for you. Once you register for this courses, we will send you invitation to join for the first personal 1:1 session online.

Course Outcomes

  • Personal 1:1 sessions + customized recorded sessions/lectures + Live projects material and assignments
  • Study on your own time – personal training from the coach who are experts in the field
  • 3+ functional testing project + Practical exposure on Quality Assurance course content
  • Information-packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  • Access to Jira Software, Selenium Webdriver, Postman API and Visual Studio
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.
  • Course content is designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session, work on a Real-Time Project to apply your learning
  • Working experience on Jira/Zephyr tool for test case and defect management
  • Resume writing Assistance 1:1 (+ video and content)
  • Guidance on LinkedIn Profile Update 1:1  (video and content)
  • Weekly Talk/Discussions with Expert Instructors
  • Online library with full of all resource contents, study materials, journal articles, and conference webinar video’s
  • Starting salary after completing this course (Calgary/Edmonton/Toronto/Vancouver): 65k-80k per year or $35 to $45 per hour

Course Self Paced

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Introduction (teacher / students) What is Information Technology area? How is this working in real-time? How projects making to IT What is software testing What are the gaps/how people are learning/why not getting jobs? Take an example of current job from indeed.ca and go through roles and responsibility (we will be doing the same learning what is asked in the job description) Importance of projects/practical approach in QA Role of QA Skills needed for QA job Software Development Life cycle Agile / waterfall and its difference

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Principles of QA What is Story/Requirement (take an example) What is test plan / test strategy? And all other documents important in project / enhancement Test Development Life cycle Testing Process and different Module s What is release management / change management Types of test cases Different types of testing

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1 Hour 30 Min

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What is scrum meeting / sprint planning / retrospective meeting? Take project / enhancement: Project 1 – Enhancement Walkthrough sprint planning Walkthrough test case design technique What is test case and how to design it from requirement(s)? Walkthrough test execution and its template from box.com Design test cases for a requirement /story (take an example from outside world e.g., google log in page) Walkthrough requirements from IOFIT contact us BRD and ask students to design test cases

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Review test cases designed by students Walkthrough where are we on agile project / what is the status currently? Practice a scrum meeting (ask students to write down – what they have achieved yesterday and what is the plan for the day?) Give access to Jira/zephyr Walkthrough the tool – main areas Issues: epic / story / test cases / bug / tasks Create a test case Create a test cycle Create a query All bugs All test cases All test cases, bugs, stories, tasks etc. Save query and share with other members Create test cases from BRD / students work (excel) into Jira Create regression and integration test cycles Ask to execute regression test cases from their own regression cycle

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Talk about test execution in regression test cycle Walkthrough test execution summary Create a dashboard report using add-ons Defect life cycle Create a bug Defect triage meeting Defect assignment and review of the work Test types: Functional, non-functional, security testing, SQL database testing, usability testing, exploratory testing Test closure: What reports goes here? Test summary / Bug Summary Sign-off Emails etc. Reports – test execution reports Reports – bug summary Scrum meeting – again Reviews Types of review Walkthrough all Test tools TFS HP ALM Spreadsheet Jira / Zephyr

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Installing automation tool, language packs Setting up a brand-new project Learning the basic structure of Visual Studio Understanding test automation framework Methods and properties Benefits of using Automation Framework Different types of Automation Framework What is Data-Driven Framework What is Modular Driven Framework What is Keyword Driven Framework What is Hybrid Framework Launching ChromeDriver() WebDriver Interface Web Element Interface What is Browser & Navigation Commands How to Open a URL Verify Page title

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Strategy to get the Page Source Difference between Close & Quit Ways to Navigate Back & Forward How to Refresh Page Another way of Navigating to specific Page What are Web Element Commands? Difference between Find Element & Find Elements Enter & Clear text from Input field How Click action works differently on different elements Managing Input fields, Buttons & Links Finding all links on the Page Strategy to check dead links on the page Extracting More than one object from a page Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page Check if the element is Present, Displayed, Enabled, or Selected Different Locators and using Firefox, IE, Chrome to find them What are locators – ID, Name, LinkText, XPath, CSS, etc. Difference between Absolute & Complete XPath

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Finding your first element Web Element Commands Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome, and IE Element locator tool for FF Firebug & FirePath Add-Ons in Mozilla Various HTML locator strategies XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome Add test methods () Console WriteLine Test Input from external Data Source CSV files Record results in external text files Capture screenshots for PASS/FAILURE steps Checkbox, Input box, Button, Radio Button, Dropdown’s elements Implicit and Explicit waits Learn how to implement and work selenium Webdriver with Java and Eclipse Test Automation Job details and regression test automation needs Interview, resume, and LinkedIn profile guides

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